How I Switched From An Educator to - Running A 6-Figure Business . . . And How You Can Do It Too

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Hello, I am Dr. Bertha W. McCants, also known as Dr. B., Founder of The Educator to Entrepreneur™ System. I help seasoned & retired educators and coaches CHANGE novice educators and students’ LIVES.

I show them how to use their expertise to become a thriving consultant who help colleagues REMAIN in education. They become the Go-To Authority to transform the educational system by REACHING A LARGE NUMBER of novice educators and providing support for them.


My purpose is to be a vehicle to assure that all students receive opportunities to develop into their BEST selves. 


More and more educators are leaving teaching and administrative positions every year and fewer college students are choosing education as a career choice! These decisions have impacted the entire educational system.  In some areas classrooms are overcrowed, available time for individual instruction becomes nearly  nonexistent and the stress on the staff to do more than one job causes health problems. ALL of these factors have caused the teaching and learning  environment to deteriorate. 

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Before transitioning into entrepreneurship, I was a successful educator from the classroom to the district-level. To see comments from colleagues and clients, go to my TESTIMONIALS Page.


Starting right where you are now–a high achieving coach, retired or seasoned educator–you CAN continue to impact schools–from different platforms and create $10K monthly revenue! 

Proven strategies customized BY an educator who, after nearly 30 years in education, has two thriving businesses. Connect with me by clicking the button below.

Dr. B., The Educator to Entrepreneur™ Expert

Share Wisdom. Transform Education. 

Founder of The Educator to Entrepreneur™ System     

Inform Others. Inspire Actions. Transform Habits.


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