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Dr. McCants, CEO of R & B Strategic Consulting Group has been featured on NBC News, CBS, FOX, ABC, Associated Press, Happy Black Woman Podcast, and Thrive Entrepreneur Radio Show.

Dr. McCants teaches purpose-driven, high achieving administrators and educators how to use what “they know” to break through to multiple six-figure consulting businesses—on their own terms. Her clients have the burning desire to lead lives of love, joy, peace, financial independence, and abundance but don’t have the structure to avoid some of the pitfalls and delays that are setbacks.

Dr. McCants’ clients . . .
. . want to create a part-time consulting business to supplement their income.
. . are working on their Retirement Transition Plan and want to have their consulting business in place by the time they retire.
. . are already educational consultant owners but want some tips to reach and sustain multiple-six-figure revenue.
. . are already retired and want to build a consulting business.

It does not matter how old they are, whether they’ve had a business before or just starting over. They’ll get an opportunity to sit with somebody who’s done it. Dr. McCants knows what it takes to break into a new market and be profitable. After nearly 30 years in education, she’s grossed $1.5 million in four years, as an entrepreneur.

Dr. McCants….
..retired as a school superintendent, 7 years ago
..built her first business, 5 years ago.
..currently, runs 2 profitable professional service businesses.
..is an International Best-Selling Author of “Lead Your Imagined Life By Having the Courage to Listen to Your Heart”.
..is a Transformational Speaker for Leaders, Youth and Women.

To schedule a meeting with Dr. McCants to discuss her services, please click the link below.

Her Inspiration:

“First, I am grateful for all of the educators who have impacted my life. I would not be where I am today without highly-effective educators, so I am passionate about helping them “bridge the gap” into entrepreneurship. They will lose a third to half of their income at retirement, which means, a lifestyle transformation unless peices are in place to compensate for the income difference.

Next, I simply want to make sure that they are aware of the options that are available for them. They can use the same time-tested skills that made them great educators to sustain a lucrative lifestyle-without working so hard or being so stressed out!

Finally, went to college on scholarships, work-study, and family sacrifices; beating the odds earning a Bachelor’s in Science, a Master’s and Doctorate in Education. I want to continue to impact student achievement on a grand scale. Helping former educators develop into national and internatioanal consultants–creates a ripple effect for student achievement!”

Fun Facts:

Dr. McCants loves to laugh, travel, have fun and enjoy life every day. When not working, her favorite things to do are eating ice cream, going to the movies with her husband, Russell, of over 30 years and sharing adventures with their two adult sons, Jamaal and Byron.

“Exceptional growth will occur within a short time span with the right leader guiding with love and setting boundaries.”
Dr. Bertha Williams McCants

Dr. Bertha Williams McCants

DrB, The Educator to Entrepreneur™ Expert

Tame Your Time and Have Peace of Mind while Sustaining a Lucrative Lifestyle that Makes a Difference. . .With Ease!

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