Lead Your Imagined Life by Having the Courage to Listen to Your Heart has made the Amazon International Best-Sellers List in the following areas:

#1 in Psychology Movement

#1 in Psychology & Counseling

#1 in Practical Management

#1 in Transpersonal Movement

#3 in Personal Transformation

#3 in Religion & Spirituality

It is a motivational, spiritual, and educational book. It may be a short read but it is dead serious about what it takes to be the leader of your successful life.

This book is an excellent gift for youth, young adults, and business teams because it stirs a desire deep within you to take actions on your goals, even if your challenges seem insurmountable.

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Andrea S.

Exactly what I need at this stage of my life
I love that Dr. McCants is so open and honest about her life, struggles, and how she has overcome them to live the life she dreamed for herself. This book has given me hope and raised the belief that I, too can overcome the things hindering me and live my Best Life. My Imagined Life. I would recommend this book most especially to young people who have big dreams, but no plans or even belief that it can happen for them. Also, to those of us a little older who have delayed pursuit of our dreams or just settled for less because it didn’t seem like it could happen for us. My time is NOW, and yours is too!!

Very encouraging and inspiring!
This is a very easy to read book! It gives you great pointers on how to get started living the life you always wanted by listening to your heart! So many of us have dreams and ambitions but are not really sure how to get started, or even how to manage it, along with being a wife or husband, mother or father all at the same time. But DrB makes it easy and shares with us exactly how we can get it done with systems in place. I thoroughly enjoyed the book!

Great read that anyone can benefit from!
October 27, 2017
I really enjoyed this quick read! Reading about the author’s humble beginnings and how she was able to live her “imagined” life was inspiring. The book also includes great leadership and time management tips.

Fantastic Book
October 17, 2017

This book is very inspiring and should be read by all women who have dreamed of something greater!!!!
This was an easy read.

First Baptist Missionary Church
Motivational Guide for following your heart.
January 25, 2018
Dr. McCants book is just incredible. I enjoyed reading it. The book inspired me to improve upon and carry out the goals I have set for myself. This book has a perfect model for accomplishing our life dreams.

Captivating and inspiring!
October 24, 2017
This book has me wanting more! The author’s dialogue was conversational and moving. I can’t wait to attend the live seminar on 10/28 in Columbia, SC! Great job and I can’t wait to hear more!


More relevant and inspiring than the 7 habits of Highly effective people
October 21, 2017
This book is a great read that gives a strategic plan for success. What you need is already within you, but can you tap into it.

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