Testimonials Over Time – An Experienced Educational Leader and Business Woman

 Educator to Entrepreneur Expert Journey”

Teacher: 12 Years in the Classroom

School-Level Administrator: Assistant Principal and Principal

District-Level Administrator: Federal Programs Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resource

State-Level: Mentor for Principals

School District CEO: Superintendent

Entrepreneur: CEO of Two Thriving Businesses, Amazon #1 International Best-Selling Author and a Public Speaker

The picture to left depicts how I feel now–as I am fully “Leading My Imagined Life”!


Entrepreneurial Testimonials

Educational Testimonials

The notes below are from colleagues and clients who have worked with me during my journey from “Educator to Entrepreneur Expert”.

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Dr. McCants,

I deeply appreciate your support and concern during trying times. I often Thank God for such a leader. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family. My family also appreciates your presence at my grandfather’s funeral and acts of kindness.

Thank you and God bless you! Andre' Boyd

Dr. McCants,

Thanks for all the efforts you and your staff put forth in making last week ( Leadership/Retreat) a success. I certainly appreciate you allowing support staff to participate.
It was certainly fun and enjoyable.
Have a blessed week and I’m looking forward to another successful year.
Thanks again.
Aquilla Aquilla Wynn Lewis

Secretary, Human Rescources & Professional Development, District Office

Dr. McCants,

Thank you for being “who” you are and “how” you are. You are an inspirational role model, a distinguished woman of godly character and integrity both in word and indeed. I am blessed to have you as my mentor, and for this, I give Him praise.

Please know that I truly love you, respect you, and honor you. You are truly a joy to work with.

Many Blessings to you. Carrie Davis

Dear Bertha,

Wanted to thank you for all the support and encouragement. You are a consummate professional and I truly appreciate your support as a colleague and role model. Dr. Cleo Richardson

Dr. McCants,

You inspire me. You are such a grounded person with all your success. I appreciate you letting me shadow you. You have helped me so much on that one day. You are truly blessed and you deserve every bit of it. Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Dalisha Williams

Dr. McCants,

Thank you for sharing your expertise and for taking a special interest in my progress.

You are truly an exemplary superintendent – the best that any principal or district could have.

I greatly appreciate you.

Be blessed, Dr. Dorothy McClam

Thank you for the luncheon that was held on Wednesday, and the beautiful rose that I received on Friday.
Just the thought of Secretaries Day being acknowledged, makes me feel welcomed and loved by friends and staff.
I have never received anything from the superintendent, it makes me feel so special. Felecia Sumter

Dr. McCants,

You’re too much! You are so caring and grateful for the little things each of us does. I thank God He has allowed you to be the Deborah for Florence Four success. That’s what makes each of us work so hard to know you have a leader who cares and appreciate what you do. Speaking for me, I appreciate the love, the godliness, the leadership ability and much more that lies in you.
Thanks a Bunch for the rose…
With much love Gloria Bracey

Dear Bertha,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to present “Get Your Ducks in a Row” for our apple participants. You were wonderful! We all gained a wealth of knowledge from you to better organize our workplaces. I appreciate you working with me.

Sincerely, Dr. Johnelle Sherald

Mrs. McCants,

Being A Boss
Being a great boss is like being a true leader.
She has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and takes the time to listen to the needs of others.
You have been the type of boss to me.
As my boss, you also became my leader and friend by the quality of your actions and the integrity of your intent.
Thank You for your leadership, strength, and kindness.
Laurie Anderson

Mrs. McCants,

Just a short note to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for you as a person, educator, administrator, and child of God.
I am so grateful to the lord for an answer to my prayers! You are a “perfect” example of professionalism, spirituality, and feminism.
I am so proud to follow you as a member of your team.

Love and gratitude! Marilyn Putman

Dr. McCants
It is such a great pleasure to work with you – an example of the highest professional figure and quality leader! Congratulation on receiving your Doctorate and the accomplishment you continue to make! You went above and beyond what anyone would have expected when you remembered TSOS with the Red Lobster Gift certificate!! I’ve already used mine – and enjoyed it so much!!
Thank You again Marilyn Putman

Dear Mrs.McCants

I will always treasure my year under your direction!!
looking forward to another year with you is one of Gods gifts to me!!
May the Lord continue to lift you higher and higher in his kingdom and in the educational journey of Lee County Schools.
Love, Marilyn Putnam

Dear Mrs. McCants,

Thank you so much for the white top you gave me for my birthday. It is so pretty, and I know I will enjoy wearing it.
I also want to thank you for being there whenever I need you. You are such a positive role model, and I am so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to work for you. I have learned so much from your expertise and I thank God daily for the opportunity you have given me. Looking back I can honestly say that God’s hand has been in everything I have accomplished and been able to do.

Thanks again for everything. It sure has been a pleasure.

Love, Mary Randall

Mrs. Mc Cants,

I truly appreciate you for the manner in which you have / are working with me. You are not only doing your job… you have gone the extra mile. Thanks for all that you do. As always, I expect great things from you. I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Love May Caesar

Hi Dr. McCants,

Yesterday I was feeling a little downhearted about many things in my life, one being my role as an educator. After the staff meeting and the board meeting last night, I felt that someone really cares about what I am doing at Timmonsville High School. I needed that recognition yesterday. Thank You and I appreciate you. May God continue to give you divine intervention for our District. Again Thank You and have a blessed day.

In Jesus Christ, Tammy Williams

Dr. Bertha McCants,

We at Wilson High School thank you for the staff development you provided to our faculty and staff members. This training will be a foundation for future success at Wilson High. God luck in your future endeavors. Dr. Gerard Edwards

Dr. Mc Cants,

I would like to take this time to say “thank you” for the refreshing way you and the district office staff started off the year. It was good to come together as a district team and meet, greet and unite before the 2007-08 school year started. You are a good leader, and I thank God for you. I sincerely appreciate everything you’re done!

Yours truly, Steven Wilson

Mrs. Bertha W. McCants,

Thanks for stepping into my life by way of Florence School District Four.
The steps that you took to help educate our children will always be remembered.
As you step into a new environment, I pray that each step you take will continue to be a step in the right direction.

Keep Stepping, Patricia S. Nero

Thank you Ms. McCants for reading to our children. It was a delightful and memorable experience for them.
Anything that we can do to encourage our children to read is of great value.

Thank you again. Ruth Bertram

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