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Educator 2 Entrepreneur University (E2EU) is an independent virtual campus for educational business development. We provide training to create a business. As well as, consulting services to maintain a profitable business. Our target participants are educators from all over the globe. They desire to create businesses based on their experience, expertise or skills. We do that by offering instruction through the Educator 2 Entrepreneur System™ (E2E System).


The E2E System™ consists of 3 eight-week courses along with 1 six-month enrollment mastermind. Our classes are taught online; however, they are very interactive. Here’s what we do in the courses. First, in 101, we craft the participant’s’ Message and the details of their Service. Then, in 201, we create relevant Content around their business so they can Market it. Next, in 301, we solidify their Expert Status and Reach to make sure that they will appeal to the right clients and extend to enough clients. Finally, in 400, the enrollment mastermind, we demonstrate strategies to obtain a 6-figure annual Income while maintaining a healthy Work/Life Balance. In short over 12 months, participants create a solid business foundation, develop their service or program, market it, and enroll clients into their own service or program–so they can enjoy a life of joy, peace, financial freedom, and abundance that makes a difference with ease.

E2E University Course Schedule

The Program of Study consists of 3 Eight-week Courses and 1 Mastermind.

Section Program Name Enrollment Date

Section B: Online Educational Business Development Enrollment: January – December

Program Description

Learn how to use your experience, expertise or skills to create a profitable educational business so you can enjoy a life of joy, peace, financial freedom and abundance.

Content Delivery Method

Weekly virtual meetings (from anywhere), progress feedback, an engaging online community, and individual meetings. You will be able to see and interact with Dr. B. and your classmates.

Course No. & Course Name Class Length Class Date & Time

101B: Validating Your Business Idea PLUS Business Foundation 8-Week Thursdays 7:30–9:00 PM EST

Course No. & Course Name Class Length Class Date & Time

201B: Building Your Audience PLUS Brand Design 8-Week Thursdays 5:30–7:00 PM EST

Course No. & Course Name Class Length Class Date & Time

301B: Building Your Full Program PLUS Automation: Sales while Sleeping 8-Week Saturdays 9:30-11:00 AM EST

Course No. & Course Name Class Length Class Date & Time

400: Enrollment Mastermind-Scaling to 6-Figures 6-Month Saturdays 11:30 AM-1:00 PM EST (2 per month group classes plus individualized meetings).

Enrollment Schedule

Enroll in . . .

To Start a Course in . . .

October, November, December, January


February, March, April


May, June


July, August, September


There is a 2-week break after each course.


What’s Next?


If you want to take the next step, I reserve slots on my calendar every week for Strategy Calls – please click here to book yours now. We’ll map out an implementation plan together.

E2EUniversity was founded by Dr. Bertha Williams McCants, popularly known as Dr. B., a retired school superintendent turned entrepreneur. She has 28 years of classroom and administrative experience, as well as,15 years of entrepreneurial experience. Currently, she is the CEO of two thriving businesses.

Dr. Bertha W. McCants, “Dr. B.”

Educator to Entrepreneur™ Expert

Share Wisdom. Transform Education.


Founder of The Educator to Entrepreneur™ System

Inform Others. Inspire Actions. Transform Habits.


Business Opportunity to Study With Dr. B.


 Simply Put–This Is For: #1-Retired or seasoned educators looking to develop additional income streams to compliment their       existing income by creating cash flow using their own intellectual property; #2-Existing professional service providers, coaches,   consultants and trainers who currently want to scale their business by leveraging their knowledge and expertise

 What I Do: I help #1and #2 provide support to novice teachers and administrators, so their colleagues will REMAIN in the   educational system. I show them how to use their expertise to create a $10K monthly revenue business WHILE impacting   educators and students! 

 My Purpose: My purpose is to be a vehicle to assure that all students receive opportunities to develop into their BEST selves.

 WHY:  More and more educators are leaving teaching and administrative positions every year and fewer college students are   choosing education as a career choice! These decisions have impacted the entire educational system.  In some areas     classrooms  are overcrowed, available time for individual instruction becomes nearly  nonexistent and the stress on the staff to   do more than one job causes health problems. ALL of these factors have caused the teaching and learning  environment to   deteriorate.

 Past Results: Before transitioning into entrepreneurship, I was a successful educator from the classroom to the district-   level. To  see comments from colleagues and clients, go to my TESTIMONIALS Page; however, my company has grossed nearly 2   million dollars in 5 years. My work has been featured on NBC News, CBS, FOX, ABC, Associated Press, Happy Black Woman   Podcast, Thrive Entrepreneur Radio Show and the Black Women Millionaire Transformational Experience.

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Thank you for considering studying with me to create a $10k monthly revenue business WHILE impacting educators and students!

To discuss working with me, click the “Contact DrB” Button. It will direct you to complete a brief survey to share details about your business goal.  Then, we will forward you a link to schedule a 15-minute strategy session.

Please give us at least 3 business days to respond. It depends on the amount of responses received.

My natural ability is  to teach. My work is inspirational and transformative. If you’re ready for massive business changes, let’s talk!

Thank you again for considering a partnership!

Kind Regards,

Dr. McCants

“Exceptional growth will occur within a short time span with the right leader guiding with love and setting boundaries.”

-Dr. B.

Investment Policy

Investing in your business education, implementing the Educator to Entrepreneur System™ and active participation in the training are the keys to guaranteeing that you will build and maintain a $10K monthly revenue consulting business.

Your Investment Includes:

  • A personal phone strategy session with me prior to the training
  • Planning time to organize your specific course of action
  • Development of interactive content
  • Development of a customized handouts or worksheets
  • Development of a customized PowerPoint presentation 
  • Delivery of the training presentations


I am looking forward to talking with you!

Dr. B., The Educator to Entrepreneur™ Expert

Share Wisdom. Transform Education. 

Founder of The Educator to Entrepreneur™ System     

Inform Others. Inspire Actions. Transform Habits.


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