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My natural abilities are to teach serve and inspire; therefore, all of my work is directly or indirectly educational spiritual and inspirational.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you’ve had a business before. You can DO this!

I focus on former educators who want to Transition from Educator to Entrepreneurship (E2E). I teach them business building strategies to start, grow, and sustain your Six Figure Business.

My clients are primarily retired educators, educators approaching retirement, established educational consultants and life insurance agents who desire to sustain six-figure businesses.

Once I retired from the educational arena, I created two businesses (consulting and insurance) to continue to serve the community. I wasn’t sustaining consistent business. My progress was up and down. So, I invested in several different training programs to scale my businesses. I have been trained and mentored by elite national business coaches in order to catapult my businesses. I know first-hand what it takes to move from a retired educator to a struggling business owner and now to owning two national multi-six figure businesses in less than 3 years. As a result, I’ve designed the Educator to Entrepreneur (E2E) Success System™, a unique system to fast-track educators and life insurance agents into successful business ownership. This system has everything in one place. It starts from scratch to teach you how to build your educational consulting business or life insurance agency from $0 to over $100,000+ with ease.  It eliminates the guesswork of how to get started and saves you the stress that comes from trial and error mishaps.



As a retired educator, you will lose about half to a third of your income. With proven strategies to guide your business development, you will able to fast-track your success, leave a legacy for your families, give to charities, and have the peace of mind that comes from working at your own pace.

Let’s Talk About Your Dream:

When you are ready to discuss how to start and sustain your six-figure business using the E2E Success System, please complete the short survey to schedule your follow-up call.

The results of the survey will guide our follow-up phone discussion about your business dream.


#1 BUILD the FOUNDATION of Your Business

8-Week Dream to Reality Intensive

Week 1: Assessment: Where Are You Now?

Lifestyle Analysis & Projection

How to Unplug from the Stress of Success

Week 2: Natural Hindrances

Human Needs

Week 3: Develop Your New Purpose Statement

Origin of Beliefs

New Empowering Beliefs

Week 4: Collaborate – Get Comfortable Being…CEO, Business Owner, Founder

Bring Your Inner Circle Along

Prepare to Prosper

Week 5: Business Building Steps

Identify Your Area of Brilliance

Name It, Record It, and Set It Up

Program Pricing

Week 6: Lifestyle Planning: Setting Your Life Up for Stress Free Fun!

Taming Your Time Routines and Schedules for Change

Week 7: Action – Follow-through Power

Consistency in the Daily Schedule

Week 8: Systems of Productivity

Support Network

Accountability Partner

#2 LAUNCH Your Business

Get It Started Boot Camp

3-Days of In-Person Meetings

Day 1: DREAM Clients & Marketing

Day 2: Money

Day 3: Next Steps

#3 MAINTAIN Your Six – Figure Business

Getting & Keeping Clients Boot Camp

3-Days of In-Person Meetings

Day 1: Pathway to Peace and Profits: The #1 Action That Creates a Lucrative Lifestyle

Day 2: Clarifying Your Cash Flow

Day 3: Leveraging Your Brilliance

#4 ENHANCEMENT MENTORING: One-on-One Mentoring Sessions

Year Long Plan to Double and Triple Your Business

Monthly One-on-One Mentoring (Half-Day 4.5 Hrs. or Full-Day 7 Hrs.)

Refining Strategy Sessions

Investment Policy

Investing in your business education, completing and implementing all 4 strategies from the Educator to Consultant (E2C) Success System are the keys to guaranteeing that you will build and maintain a six-figure consulting business.

Your Investment Includes:

  • A personal phone strategy session with me prior to the training
  • Planning time to organize your specific course of action
  • Development of interactive content
  • Development of a customized handouts or worksheets
  • Development of a customized PowerPoint presentation
  • Preparation call from me before the 1st meeting  
  • Delivery of the training presentations

The investment amounts are value-based and reflect decades of teaching, leadership & business experience, commitment to help you build your six-figure consulting business, as well as, proven-results from implementing the system.


When you are ready to talk about making your business dream a reality, you may complete the 10-question survey here. You will get a response to schedule a follow-up call within 24 hours. The results from the survey will guide our follow-up phone discussion about your business dream.

Ready to make your business dream a reality?

Dr. Bertha Williams McCants

DrB, Six-Figure Business Development Consultant™

Tame Your Time, Have Peace of Mind while Sustaining a Lucrative Lifestyle that Makes a Difference!

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